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WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v8.4.1.3 WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v8.4.1.3 WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v8.4

Woocommerce Amazon is the Advertise Amazon products on your Woocommerce web site and bring in marketing fees. You may also receive marketing fees from all merchandises visit, your visitors purchase, not only the products you advertise thanks to our 90 days biscuit attribute. Additionally, our On Website Shopping Cart attribute enables your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon, which means multiple fees for you!

Outstanding On-Page Optimization !

Excellent Search Engine Optimization content for the products, our WooZone Plugin chooses all data accessible for all Amazon products: Title, Costs (routine costs, sales costs and all costs variations), all products characteristics, product reviews and complete products descriptions.
Our latest version has an ultra rapid import system, where it is possible to import products in less than one second!

The plugin is build on our custom AA-Team on modules mananger, very simple to use & manage, and based framework.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v8.4.1.3 WordPress Plugin02

On Bulk Import Module & our Advanced Search,

It is possible to Search by Categories / Types / Key Words, choose the products you want, and click import! It doesn’t get any simpler!
Additionally depending on class, it is possible to filter products by Brand, State, Producer, Maximum / Minimum so on, and cost, Retailer Id, Merchandise minimum percent away and naturally by Bestsellers, Status, Sales flag. You are able to do so using the CSV module if you need to MASS Import Products from Amazon. Using the ASIN Grabber module you are able to get one in only a flash!

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v8.4.1.3 WordPress Plugin03

Keep Amazon Products Upgraded!

Woocommerce Amazon on a regular basis, particularly costs changes. Using our Synchronisation module products can be kept by you up to date.

In this variant we’ve got a brand new attribute regarding pictures, more just you can now use the merchandises pictures directly from Amazon’s CDN.
Amazon CloudFront is an international content delivery network (CDN) service that hastens delivery of your sites, APIs, video content or other net assets. It and other Amazon Web Services products integrate to give companies and programmers a simple means to hasten content to end users without any minimum usage commitments.

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What are the advantages of using this?

Import products from Amazon considerably quicker
Speed up your web site – quicker loading time on your customers
Fosters functionality of your web site using the Spread data centers. Amazon’s CDN makes your site’s pictures accessible from data centers around the world (called border places).

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v8.4.1.3 WordPress Plugin05
New Framework Functionality & Design

We’ve altered the framework’s layout entirely! We currently have enhanced functionality & layout that is reactive! in Woocommerce Amazon.

Introducing Crazy Importance

Using this new module you’re capable to import 50 merchandises at 100 products on category / group investigation, and a time on general investigation. Determined by the Fine Tuning Import Settings you’ll have an improved estimate on how long the import will take, determined by various factors like variety of pictures so on and /variations.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates v8.4.1.3 WordPress Plugin06

What’s the trendy thing about it?

It delivers reports via email! It’s possible for you to set around receive an e-mail including these data by 12 hours, or once per month. You may also see a report in the management area. Evil! check out most important word-press plugins here

We’ve visually also and enhanced the synchronization module dramatically, on coding degree.
Now, it’s no more required to have a cpanel cron so that you can keep products upgraded, just Activate the Plugin Cronjobs, choose what you want to sync (name, costs & so on) and that’s it. Merchandises will get synced with no effort out of your side.

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