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Spider Blocker Plugin Version 1.010 Free

Spiders Blocker WordPress Plug-in

Spiders Blocker WordPress Plug-in

Get Spiders Blocker WordPress Plug-in free full version download. Can prevent such crawlers that takes in much of your data transfer useage and make your server reduce. Crawl Blocker uses Apache .htaccess computer file to get reduced effects on your WordPress blog or webpage. Block Endless crawlers from watching your website Simple Export/Import guidelines (comes with most popular record of bots) Zero Impact.

Spider Blocker will prevent most popular crawlers that consume data transfer useage and reduce your server. It will accomplish this by using Apache .htaccess computer file to reduce impact on your web-site. It will also hide on its own from additional scanning device. Only works with Apache server and mod_rewrite allowed.

Plugin Features

  • Block Endless spiders from watching your site
  • Easy Export/Import guidelines (comes with most popular record of bots)
  • Zero Footprint

1. Upload ‘spider-blocker’ listing to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ service
2. Activate the plug-in via the ‘Plug-ins’ selection in WordPress
3. Go to Resources selection and then **SpiderBlocker* to configure

Download Here

File size 6.50KB


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