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SecureScanPRO v1.96 Protect your WordPress sites


SecureScanPRO v1.96 Protect your WordPress sites

SecureScanPRO v1.96 Protect your WordPress sites

Protect your websites.
Stop hackers, robots spyware & in the supply.
Tests. Repairs. From being assaulted stops your website.

Your WordPress Website is Under-Attack
The Reality
“Its no further of ‘IF‘ you receive an incident assaulted but ‘WHEN’. When you have not taken actions harden your installation and to lock-down you’ll get compromised – Period.”

1) you receive barred from Google
2) You drop traffic
3) E-Mail companies prohibit you a spammer or worse to get a ‘phishing’ host.
4) You drop your projects, all of the energy you place in making your website.
5) you are able to shed your documents – hackers may remove your computer data.
6) Businesses and entrepreneurs are now being fined when their website is compromised.

Secure your website in 2 units:

SecureScanPRO is just repair and a comprehensive plugin, created for non-technical customers to check difficulties with one-click. Coupled with a – SecureScanPRO is made the best to secure your website by protection program against botnets.

Simple to Install:
This plugin could be prepared to used in a couple of minutes and mounted.

Operates Security Assessments:
Tests for 33 recognized weaknesses and dangers.

Click to Fix:
12 identified weaknesses are fixed by simply pressing the “Repair It” option.

Detailed Answers:
Each check is along with a comprehensive clarification of answer and the chance offered.

Scheduled Tests:
Capability to pick regular check routine or a daily centered on choice.

E-mail Notices:
Be informed within minutes of somebody attempting to perform a brute force assault in your website.

Access Security:
Helps to ensure IP addresses aren’t allowed accessibility and instantly prohibits that criminals centered on unsuccessful logins.

Free Help that is 100%:
Assistance and free upgrades can be obtained online through our helpdesk, that will be staffed by US workers. We’re below to assist you cope with any problem you might have.

Secure Your Site Using The Subsequent Actions:

Phase 1:
Repair & work Tests Weaknesses
Step 1
After installation merely operate the assessments to repair weaknesses were discovered by any.

Step two:
Standard Options:
Weaknesses sophisticated permitting numerous quantities of protection or are categorized into both regular.

Step 2

Step 3:
Analyze Check Facts
Step 3
Reveal explanation of answer and the issue is supplied for each danger.
Step 4:
Against Brute Force Attacks
Step 4
Notice and a captcha of unsuccessful login efforts is put into the screen to safeguard you against a brute force attack.
Step 5:
Records Enemies IP
Step 5
Enemies IP restricted standing are automatically recorded and addresses.
Step 6:
Checks Primary Documents
Step 6
Primary reader checks WordPress documents to ensure they’ve not been damaged.
Step 7:
Allow Routine Reader
Step 7
Planned tests for primary WordPress and numerous weaknesses documents make sure that there’s not been an assault.
Step 8:
Step 8
A personalized concept could be put into mail notice and the login display of assault efforts.
12 Factors we defeat on your competition:

1. Focuses are –ed by automatic checking of vulnerabilites on avoidance in the place of remedy.
2. Timesaving One Click solving of the 12 dangers that are most effective.
3. Primary that is tests wordPress signal to check on for backdoors.
4. Built-in Bruteforce assault defense.
5. Built-in captcha component to avoid robots instantly coughing.
6. Instantly reads your code repository for accounts that are vulnerable.
7. When anybody logs e-mails you.
8. Attempts were repeated by blocks.
9. Instantly blocks from achieving your website recognized IP-addresses
10. Operates 33 teaches you in basic Language and wp vulnerability inspections just how to resolve them.
11. Checks your customers account for accounts that are common
12. Technical helpdesk service.

Who’s SecureScanPRO?
Page One Traffic, a organization having a profile of 17 items and 16 owns SecureScanPRO. Our items develop combined with the demands of our clients and are extremely preserved.

This problem is all around the information at this time 000 websites compromised daily, with 30. You can wake tomorrow together with your website totally eliminated if you are using WordPress have this plugin. It requires times of missing and discomfort, misery profits to try and recover the website. Grabit nowadays on unique present while its, as well as in a couple of minutes your website is likely to be completely guaranteed.

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