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Scrum for Trello Extension CRX for Chrome

Scrum for Trello Extension CRX for Chrome

Scrum for Trello contributes performance to the amazing for use in Scrum projects. ** Upgrade Apr 11, 2016 ** – Another Trello compatability fix ** Upgrade Apr 8, 2016 ** – Set interface with newest Trello edition ** Upgrade Sep 4, 2015 ** – Set interface with newest Trello edition ** Upgrade Sep 2, 2015 ** – Set interface with newest Trello edition ** Upgrade Feb 26, 2015 ** – Set interface with newest Trello edition ** Upgrade Mar 29, 2014 ** – Set interface with newest Trello edition ** Upgrade Jan 14, 2014 ** – Record somme show again in the new ** Upgrade Dec 23, 2013 ** – Upon regular request: Configurations screen to add your customized storypoints range. – interface new form of ** Upgrade Nov 6, 2013 ** – fixed issues on Ms windows seven + 8 – included incorporation with Burndown for Trello.
Thanks to @seancolombo ** Upgrade This summer 31, 2013 ** – new fill design in Trello. Expansion is operating again! ** Upgrade This summer 17, 2013 ** – many repairs. Thanks for the take requests! ** Upgrade Apr 10, 2013 ** – Set interface with newest Trello release ** Upgrade Dec 20, 2012 ** – Set depend when narrow is used and glued complete depend ** Upgrade Sep 8, 2012 ** – Set interface with newest Trello release. Scrum for Trello is operating again! ** Upgrade Sep 4, 2012 ** – Added a awesome function provided by Cedric Gatay: One thing we use often is around factors of done projects with [] to avoid them for being mentioned by the plug-in in their list complete. This contain the capability to show off such projects with a reasonable design (half-transparency) on credit cards and a classified complete proven on details. Trello is the perfect online equal to the white panel with difficult notices aka the Scrum panel. We love this app and started using it soon after release. One factor we use a lot in our jobs are the storypoints. Scrum for Trello gives you the capability to make use of tale factors within Trello.
Installation Scrum for Trello is a Firefox extension and you can set up it via the Firefox Webstore. How does it work? In the cards headings you can add the storypoints between parentheses. The allocated factors will be grabbed by Scrum for Trello and shown in the higher right area of the cards. For each list the quantity of tale factors will be measured and caved the headline of their list. Every second the tale factors will be recognized and measured. So modifying a number or moving a cards will be shown quickly.
Up-dates Excellent developments produced by @nicpottier and @paullofte: * The purpose value is shifted to be a marker on the cards. * Added support for Zero Factor Cards (0), Unidentified Factor Cards (?), Decimal Value Cards (.5) * In addition I included the performance to have their list complete indicate the current strained set of credit cards. More great developments * @bastiaanterhorst designed a storypoint symbol to fit in perfectly with the Trello design * bugfixes by @mgan59 * A very awesome storypoint picker produced by @nicpottier was incorporated and tailored. Click on the headline in the cards view and a little selection reveals you available indicates quickly choose. Of course you can add your own factors between parentheses still.  ( through our pet plans time at Q42 ( They group up with He Colombo ( You can obtain the source rule at Or even better, enhance it and do a take request! Comfort Scrum for Trello operates regionally only and shops nothing on any server! See:

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