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Requestly 4.1.4 for Chrome

Requestly is a chrome extension making use of which you can enjoy with system demands. Main functions include: 1. Divert HTTP/HTTPS demands. 2. Terminate demands 3. Substitute some part in URL with another sequence. Using Substitute function, you an replace question factors value, replace variety titles etc. 4. Change HTTP Demand and Reaction headers 5. Import/Export Requestly guidelines (Backup your guidelines by dispatching them) 6. Activate/Deactivate Requestly from Right Simply click Selection on requestly symbol in plugin 7. Discuss Rules with other Customers Here is why you should use Requestly. * Stay way from time eliminating websites. Installation guidelines like when resource contains facebook or or then redirect to StackOverflow and do some nerdy things. * Try out your JS operating being made atmosphere. Simply redirect your JS from push to JS from your local setup box and analyze if your fix/code actually works being made site. In addition, Requestly provides a very simple to use customer interface to make your guidelines. You can toggle a guide with single click. No need to remove a guide when you don’t need it. Just make that non-active and stimulate it later whenever you need it again. Web browser Synchronize is allowed so you create/change your guidelines in one browser and the changes will be shown in another. **Latest in Requestly**: 1. v3.3.4: Change Demand and Reaction Headers for specified Web addresses only. No more operating a headlines adjustment concept for all Web addresses. 2. v3.3.5: Several Records in Divert Rule 3. v3.3.7: Several Records in Terminate Rule + UI Developments 4. v3.4: Activate/Deactivate Requestly from Right Simply click Selection 5. v4.5.4: Requestly can be (de)activated only from right simply click requestly symbol in plugin. This choices has been taken off Page perspective menu. 6. v4.0.0: New Enhanced UI with Search engines content design. Included Remaining Routing Bar and sensitive UI. 7. v4.1.0: Discuss Rules with other Customers 8. v4.1.3: Source filtration in Substitute Rule 9. v4.1.4: Allow Customers to large remove the guidelines Certification.

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