Nova Launcher APK Download Free For Android

When anyone asks me about the best launcher app. Without even thinking for a moment. I tell them that it’s Nova Launcher. An app that accept no substitutes, and has everything you need for high-performance phone. For your home screen, nova has the best features, and the ease no other app has.

After replacing the home screen of your android smartphone. It is in your hands to customize it the way you want to. Choose your desired layout for your phone, set your desired color.

And if you are thinking that all of this is not usable without rooting?
You are wrong!

Without asking for the rooted device. Nova launcher has a built-in functionality to works awesomely with both rooted/non-rooted devices. And no feature of this app will be unavailable to you. You can get full control with home-screen customizations, you can have visual customziations, you can use animations and many other cool features. Try out and you will love Nova too.

nova launcher prime apk

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Features:

Here are some awesome features for you in nova launcher prime apk. Features that make this app one of the best personalization tool.

  • The gestures feature in nova, it allows you to swipe, double tab, pinch, and different things to do with home screen
  • The unread counts features helps everyone to stay connected to every notification. The count badges you can use for sms, messenger, whatsapp etc. This feature works fine only when used with TeslaUnread plugin.
  • The custom drawer groups helps creating new tabs and folders. You can open up your desired app more fastly
  • The hide app feature hides the apps you want, using app drawer clean
  • The icon swipes features make custom actions easy, you can do desired action when swiping
  • The more scroll effects¬†feature¬†includes different actions like wipe, throw, and Accordion.
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