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Since the release of YouTube in 2005… Stay Activities Are The Greatest New FeatureThat Has Been Added…

A completely new way to use YouTube for those with the skills and resources to make the most of!

It all began way back in 2001..

 When on 9.11 Search engines was not able to send back appropriate results to the many individuals looking for information on the Double Structure strikes.

People looking for information and up-dates could find nothing on page 1! That’s when Search engines made the decision to change their criteria tofavor information items.They made the decision that the News would get listed quicker and get top rankings!

 Live Activities are regarded as LIVE NEWS by the YouTube Algorithm!

So they get an unjust edge on frequent video clips and even information sites!

 How Come So Few People Are Using Stay Events?

Well…Creating Stay Activities Can BeTRICKY…

There are a lot of technological obstacles to get over and the application to fix the technological side is expensive or simply doesn’t work.

And lots of individuals don’t want to talk reside right in front side of a camera…That’s All Going to Change… What if you could flow a local movie computer file in a directory on your pc as an active event? Right from your computer!

No need for special devices or complex technological knowledge…

Vlad and Stoica were able to make simpler the whole Stay events technological innovation and packaging it all into a very easy to use application.

Our application allows you to immediately make, routine and live flow many Stay Activities with the force of 2 buttons!

Let me describe another time how Live Event Blaster… It will allow you to develop and routine several events and flow a pre documented movie later. You won’t have to fear about beginning the flow, about being online right at that moment the flow starts. Stay Blaster will take care of that! After you routine your occasion, the application will check your positions and views! How awesome is that!

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Price Free

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