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LeetCode Extension 1.0.6 CRX for Chrome

LeetCode Extension 1.0.6 CRX for Chrome

Extend your leetcode 1. Show how you’re progressing. 2. Choice to cover the acceptance, issues and closed issue. 3. Make your rule to your Git Hub when you publish (if you offer individual Git-hub Personal accessibility token). 4. Countdown for “run code” key and “submit solution” key. 5. Display some closed info. Github: New in v1.0.5 1. Add choice to commit automatically when entering issue website. New in v1.0.0 1. show closed issues (click the natural icon) 2. show improvement of each organization tag 3. show issues in each organization tag 4. add organization tag in issue website New in v0.6.0 Assistance OAuth, along with accessibility symbol is no longer supported. Please open option website to login with OAuth. New in v0.5.0 1. Assistance to cover closed issue 2. Add chart to demonstrate each difficuly’s improvement New in v0.4.7 1. Fit the new leetcode UI for issues. 2. bugfix New in v0.4.0 1. Add countdown for “run code” key and “submit solution” key, so that you will never run/submit too regularly. 2. Assistance to set default comment. 3. Add popup, just click LeetCode Expansion symbol, you can go to directly. New in v0.3.5: Assistance to add an existing repository

Get LeetCode Extension CRX for Chrome. A newly extension of Google’s browser name LeetCode commit your rule your GitHub when you publish if you offer individual GitHub individual accessibility symbol. Count down the publish key and rule key, When you simply select the natural symbol it explain to you the issues. Display you the improvement of each organization tag and add your organization tag condition in new website. Fit the leetCode UI for issues. Also add countdown for run rule key so you that never run or publish too regularly.

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