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Free Kuoll 0.8.14 CRX for Chrome

Kuoll 0.8.14 CRX for Chrome

Kuoll 0.8.14 CRX for Chrome

Kuoll records HOW insects happen in an customer internet web browser. Web application designer can examine causing Kuoll-record and fix insects without even recreating them. Kuoll-record contains customer activities, web browser events, powerful changes of website rule and system request.

Get Kuoll 0.8.14 CRX for Chrome. Complete recording of customer activities instantly, system demands and website changes each time customer encounters an mistake. Start getting workable bug reports from end users. Changes in website rule, console, system demands and JavaScript mistake with kuoll designers. It can fix insects without recreating them. Customers get your product with less problems and you much faster handle their support demands. Better products bring more money to you and you spend less on development.

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