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Facebook Social Toolkit v2.3.7 Free Premium

Facebook Social Toolkit v2.3.7 Free Premium Version By Fileurgent

(Facebook Social Toolkit) Collection of Social Media tools for

Facebook Social Toolkit is a group of facebook automation tools which can be created to save it slow
at the same time as using fb.

Facebook Social Toolkit will help you to do following things:

(A) free Elimination tools
1. unlike All fb Pages without delay:
This tool lets in you to not like all fb pages immediately, accordingly it allows to improve your timeline and removes useless posts from timeline.

2. Unfriend All pals straight away:
if you have determined to close your fb account then this tool can help you to get rid of all fb friendsbefore you deactivate your account.

3. Unfollow All fb buddies without delay:
in case you don ‘t want to look posts from your buddies or if you need to look posts of selectivebuddies then this tool can help you.

4. Delete All comments immediately:
This tool assist you to to eliminate abusive and beside the point remarks posted in your fame update.

5. Reject All friend Requests right away:
if you obtain too many friend requests and
when you have reached your friend request limit then this tool assist you to to reject all buddy requests.

6. Unfollow All fb groups right away:
This tool will cast off pointless posts from organizations joined by way of facebook users with outleaving facebook agencies.

7. eliminate fb page Likes:
when you have determined to shut your facebook page and delete it then this device assist you to totake away likes from a fb page.

8. put off All fb businesses:
if you are annoyed through the quantity of notifications you receive from facebook organizations then this tool assist you to to depart all facebook businesses.

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Cancel All Pending friend Requests:

(B) free fb tools

1. facebook identity Extractor:
facebook identity extractor lets in you to extract IDs of your profiles, businesses, occasions andfacebook pages
for free.All you want to do is input the URL and click at the extract identity button.

2. Invite Your friends to like Your page:
This tool automates the manner of inviting your buddies to like your web page and lets you get greaterlikes on your facebook web page.

3. Invite Your friends to enroll in Your institution:
This tool provides all buddies as group participants and helps you to growth the range of groupmembers to make your.This device is made to make your institution more active.

4. accept All buddy Requests immediately:
someday we get hold of too many pal requests and clicking on confirm button can come to be a painfultask.This device automates the process of accepting all friend requests, in a 3 easy clicks you mayreceive lots of buddy requests.

5.E vent Invitation tool:
Inviting all pals on your fb event can turn out to be a painful process
if you have extra than a thousand thousand fb buddies.event invitation tool is made to automate thesystem of inviting all buddies to your facebook occasion.

6. send multiple buddy Requests immediately:
This device allows you to send a couple of friend requests for your fb pals.In a unmarried click on you may send many friend requests.

7. recommend Your friends To another friend:
This device permits you to suggest your fb pals to add any other fb case your pal these daysjoined fb and you need to
allow other pals realize about him then this tool may be useful.

8. fb Video Downlaoder:
This device generates a down load hyperlink
for public fb videos.All you want to do is input the URL of the fb video and click on generate downloadhyperlink button.After that consumer can go to the download link and press CTRL + S to keep the video on their hard power.

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(C) Premium facebook tools:

these are top rate automation gear with superior functionality and those tools are reserved on
for premium users.To buy a top class license please use the hyperlinks given within the extension field.

1. facebook group Member Tagger:
fb group member tagger isn’t working however previously it turned into used to say all organizationcontributors in comments in order that they’ll be knowledgeable approximately the submit.

2. facebook group transfer:
This device permit users to transfer club their fb organizations to their pals.

3. submit On multiple businesses without delay:
This device permits users to post on multiple facebook groups right now.

4. post On own facebook Pages:
This tool lets in page admins to percentage same message or hyperlink on all fb pages administered by way of that page admin.

5. claim As group Admin:
This device allows you to end up admin of public fb businesses that have no admins.

6. add All buddies As group Admin:
This device permits you to add all facebook buddies as group member and then makes them admin of the organization one after the other.

7. group Admin transfer:
This allows you to transfer ownership of your fb organizations on your buddy.

8. Message All friends straight away:
This tool allows you to send messages and stickers in your facebook pals.

9. post On favored Pages:
This device permits you to submit on pages liked with the aid of facebook user.

10. join more than one groups the usage of group Ids:
This device lets in you to become member of multiple facebook organizations, a good way to come to be member of multiple facebook groups you need to offer a list of organization IDs separated by means of commas.

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(D) premium Extraction tools

premium extraction equipment are superior automation device made to retrieve records about your fbfriends, facebook corporations and facebook Pages.these equipment are reserved simplest
for top class contributors, make sure you have got purchased a top class license key to apply thoseequipment.

1. Extract fb web page Fan IDs:
This tool lets in you extract IDs of your page fanatics, extracted end result can be used as a goal in admarketing campaign.

2. Extract group e-mail:
facebook permits you to put up on all facebook groups the use of their organization e-mail, thisdevice will permit you to generate a listing of group emails to use
for sending emails.

3. Extract buddies ‘ Emails :
a few fb friends don ‘t percentage their electronic mail address publicly. we can use fb e-mail to touchthem the usage of their electronic mail cope with. Emails despatched to their facebook email will betransferred into their number one e mail inbox. 

4. Extract buddy IDs:
This device allows you to generate a list of IDs of your facebook buddies which may be saved into aCSV record, later it may be used as a audience in fb ad marketing campaign.

5. Extract group IDs:
This tool permits you to generate a list of institution IDs which can be utilized in different automationgear.

6. Extract person Likes:
This tools offers you a list of IDs of fb pages appreciated through a facebook person.

7. Extract group Member IDs:
This tool permits you to generate a list of IDs of facebook group individuals which can be used as atarget audience.

8. Extract group Member Emails:
This device permits you to get email cope with of fb friends to send emails to their fb e-mail.Extracted emails can be used as a audience in fb ad marketing campaign.

9. Extract cellphone Numbers Of fb friends:
This device lets in you to acquire public cellphone numbers of your pals.these telephone numbers can be used to add your fb pals on whatsapp or it could be used as a target audience in fb advert marketing campaign.

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