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Email Scraper Wizard V2.2 Free Download

Email Scraper Wizard V2.2

Email Scraper Wizard V2.2 


 email scraper functions in google or in a webpage either as a spider and begins crawling for email addresses

Attributes of email scraper:

  • Simple to use
  • Lets multithreading
  • Can junk from Google or web site
  • Improved scraping choices for Google like Google language and local support
  • Cooling down between searches to prevent IP prohibitions on Google
  • V2.2 Code improvements
  • For changes in the preceding variants:

Forthcoming characteristics:

email scraper Will add the slow choice which is capable to manage dynamic sites (will also notify the user when a web site is dynamic so that you just don’t use it unless needed

The best way to use of email scraper:

  1. You must determine if simply seek Google or you need to junk e-mails from sites directly
    You then must determine if you’re going to scan whole sites (this is a crawler so its likely to go off a page too and crawl other sites at the same time and not end) so you’ll need to discontinue it manually. Or you’ll be able to scan sites with depth. It is going to locate up e-mails to sites found in the 2nd degree if you’ve establish a degree of two.
  2. If you determined to seek sites you then can choose the stay in domain/subdomain choice. This option tells the scraper to just see the links of the web site nested for the reason that site and to not leave the web site.
  3. By clicking settings you’ll be able to pick the amount of threads or pick local and terminology variations of the Google search.
  4. Proxy list files must be in a txt file in the normal form server:interface (e.g. Proxy timeout also can be set from here. With no proxy the web site it neglected to fight is scraped in this variant of the applications in case a proxy doesn’t function for a web site it’s regarded as a non-working proxy and isn’t used again additionally.
  5. Now start can just click watching the E-Mail Scraper do its magic.
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