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Download Tuberank jeet Free Full Version Latest

Download Tuberank jeet Free Full Version Latest

Download Tuberank jeet Full Version

Tuberank jeet take Over youtube with the ultimate youtube optimization

Tool that will bring yout ever growing and never ending deluge of traffic from youtube.

Hey video Marketer,

Did you watch that video? I don’t blame you if if you are in denial. Back in early 2014 when I first made and lunched this software I did not expect that this could happen either, but between then and now I have discovered that with the right mindset and right tool set, the possibilities are endless.

So yes, I do get 800,000 visitors a day on my YouTube channel, and that’sjust one of my channels. Across all my YouTube businesses that I manage, I get well over a MILLION viewers every day! So whether you are a content creator, a marketer, a SEQ company, a local business owner, a consultant, an offline business owner, you need video to get more traffic and more business.

It’s the age of videos. How are you using them?

  • 0 Online video now accounts for 50 percent of ALL mobile traffic,up to 69 percent in some markets.
  • 70% of marketers report that videos convert better than any other medium (Marketing Profs).
  • Including a video in an email increases click-through by 200%-300% (Forrester)
  • The average Internet user spends 88% more time on a site with video (Mist Media)
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching
  • a video about it (ComScore)

That’s not the complete story. I could go on and on and give you even more figures, but the point is…

You can’t thrive in this market If you haven t got videos right

 All this research says that people prefer watching videos instead of reading content, that they are more motivated to take action ifyou show them a video.

If you are still failing at using the power of videos in your marketing, then you might as well pack your bags and go home. The future is not for you. Ace marketers everywhere have made videos the focus and it is really working out well for everyone who has got it right. Conversions, traffic… Video can change your marketing fortunes. But here’s the problem, and it’s a big problem.

Ranking Videos really tough:

Even marketers who have spent more than a decade with traditional SEO are found clueless when it comes to video.


Because in a video all your content is locked inside. The search engine cannot comprehend most of the content. SEO experts who are used to optimizing every bit of the text that is written don‘t know what to do with videos because they are still stuck with the SEO mindset.

So how do you rank videos? How do you get viewers to them?

I Spent A Lot of Time and Money To Learn How To Get Views

I am a programmer. My training has taught me to look at things thoroughly, to start with the basics, and explore every aspect of the issue. That’s why when I began with Video SEO I did n’t make any assumptions about it. I went to it with a blank slate and learnt everything from the scratch. I spent a lot of time and money producing videos over several niches, trying to rank them using different strategies and FAILING MISERABLY!

Yep, it took me a long time and thousands of dollars lost before I began to understand how things actually work, but once that initial epiphany came I started on an altogether new journey. Now I can pinpoint the good niches, create content that people love watching and create strategies that bring me the kind of viewership that I showed you here. And here’s summary of what I’ve learnt in just one line…

The Secret to Video Traffic is Perfect Optimization

 Video SEO is complicated and a video is many times more expensive to produce than an article. That’s why you can’t afford to go wrong. Without the right optimization you will lose money very quickly and without a return on your investment, you won’t be ableto continue for long.

YouTube gives you a very limited number of factors to play with. The title, description, tags… That’s why it’s important to get them right with a SURGICAL PRECISION the first time.

Every video that you’ve uploaded un-optimized is a waste of money. Sadly, the amount of research that you’ll need to do to optimize the video is staggering. Before I built this tool, I spent 30-45 minutes on every video. Even with just one video every day, that was over 4-5 hours a week. It’s crazy! Let me show you what this involved.

The Manual Research Method
  • Manually type keyword into youtube and look at the top 10 or 20 videos that come up.
  • Individually check each of these-top Videos for the; number of views! likesi dislikes and Comments and analyze if you have
  • a hope of ranking of this key‘Word.
  • Check what videos are ranking alongside a top ranking videos and see if there’s a potential to target its Similar Videos list.
  • Try to identify the keywords that these videos are targeting, and seeif they are suitable for you.
  • Spend hours and hours analyzing what can work and what won’t work going through the truckload of information that has to be looked at.
  • Finally, give up and make random guesses and hope everything works just like that.

Hold on … This is not all

  • You’ll still need to…
  • Write SEO optimized titles
  • Create perfect descriptions
  • Get the tagging right (Very important!)
  • Try and have a life between all of this.
  • Even for an experienced marketer, this is going to take some time, for a novice it’s going to be pure mental agony.

If after spending that much time, you missed something your video won’t rank and all this work will go down the drain.

Well, I am not the guy who puts up with a thing like that. With almost 18 years of programming experience I like solving problems like that with automation.

So I spent a lot of time creating software that would automate everything that I did manually.

What If you could

  • Have an x-ray view of which is the top tags that your competitors are using.
  • Write a Video description and immediately learn if it is properly optimized.
  • Spend minutes, not hours in optimizing a video.
  • Uncover keywords that are easy to rank for, and start generating traffic immediately.
  • Rank more videos than you’ve ever done in the past.

Create winner YouTube channels that will send you organic traffic and revenues, year after year. And you can…

Yes. That was exactly my mission and I accomplished it with Tuberank jeet in 2014. Actually, it worked better than I had expected.

Before creating this optimization tool, I was doing a lot of things manually and it was hit or miss. Once I started using Tuberank jeet I was able to achieve more, and the algorithm that I created in it worked so well that ranking content was no longer a challenge.

It worked so well that I was able to reach epic levels with the channels that I owned. In fact I started fresh YouTube channels and I am repeating the same story again. Let me show you a quick demo of Tuberank jeet, and how it will change your life.

 How Tuberank Jeet Works

  • Enter your keyword and select how many videos you want Tuberank jeet to analyze (It will bring back up to 30 at a time). Tuberank jeet brings back results ranked in descending order from the top ranked to lowest ranked videos.
  • Check the videos that appear in the results. You can even click on any video and load it up to see it play. This will tell you what you are up against.
  • See the total number of likes, dislikes, views and comments in one glance.
  • Understand immediately how tough is your competition and is it really worth pursuing the keyword you picked. Tuberank jeet shows you a visual difficulty meter that will tell you how tough ranking for a keyword is.
  • The difficult meter shows you on a scale of 1-100 how difficult it is to rank for a keyword. 0 means it’s going to be easy, while a difficult level of 100 means really tough.
  • The ranking difficulty meter takes out the guesswork from ranking videos. You’ll know if you should take on a competitor or not immediately.
  • Only Tuberankjeet has the analysis engine you need to select the right tags, descriptions and titles to rank for a keyword, getting you more views, subscribers and sales.

Here’s how the secret sauce works

 Step 1:

  • Enter your keyword and the number of videos you want checked.
  • Tuberank Jeet will go and fetch all the high competition an: low competition tags for those videos and display them in order of difficulty of competition. (High to low)

Step 2:

  • Feed in your title and description and select the tags from the ready list.

Step 3:

  • Click on ‘Get my score‘
  • Tuberank jeet will tell you how optimized your titles,description and tags are on a scale of 1-100.
  • Your objective is to score as near 100 as possible.
  • If your score is lower, just add more details and click on ‘Get My Score’ again until you have improved your results.
  • Tuberank jeet algorithm helps you select high-value as well as long-tail keywords. Giving you the opportunity to get initial traffic even when you don’t rank for a high-traffic keyword.

Let me give you a tip about YouTube. Ifyour channel is not al- ready an authority channel, your aim must be first to rank for long-tail keywords. As you rank more anti more for those, it will start a snowball effect. You will rank better and better for higher value keywords, and soon you will reach the stage when 3 traffic will come to you in a downpour.The best thing? This traffic is going to come to you, notjust from YouTube but also from Google because Google search features videos prominently.


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