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Faisal Khan

My Name is Faisal Khan and I am the resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa District Bannu. I was born on 6th May 1991 in the Bazar Ahmad Khan Bannu. I’m now 11 years old & having Master Degree in computer Sciences from Islamic International University Islamabad. I have also a diploma in Information Technology from Technical Board Peshawar. After getting my Master Degree I got Job proposal from Galaxy Computers sales and services which I accept with pleasure. Started Business of Computer Hardware and Software sales/Purchase. I have preformed my job as Sales Manager in the above Company and I worked approximately 8 years with Galaxy Computer Islamabad.

My hard work and good skill of maintaining Sales and Purchase definitely impressed the owner of the Cosmo computers and he very much appreciated my services. After that I was looking for overseas job in order to get more experience. For the same purpose I make efforts & applied for various jobs i.e. interior Designer, Web Designer, SEO, AutoCAD Operator etc. It did not take too much time because I was a experienced and expert hand in the field of Information Technology  and finally I was appointed as Interior Designer in the company which was working in Admin and UAE. I was so happy to get appointment from abroad company. In the same company I served as Designer for more than (03) years. Afterwards I was returned to my home country Pakistan. After all I got experience and decided to start my own business of Computer Hardware and Software, Sales and Services, etc. Finally I started my own business and taking more interest in the computer and internet field. I have opened my own shop namely Fahad
 Computer & Mobile
situated at Regal Cinema Road Near Kohati Hotel Bannu.  I deeply continue learning of updated programs because the Information Technology field has no full stop. Now I would like to share my knowledge and experience to other people, who are unaware of basics information pertaining to computer and internet field. For this reason I have freshly generate my own website i.e.

I have freshly generate my own website i.e. www.fileurgent.com. My website brings you free software, video tutorial, PC downloadable games, Mobile & Androids application, Live Sports TV Channels, Tips & Tricks etc. Early I had created many bloggers which were related to Health Tips, Sports, Events, Wallpapers, Entertainment etcetera, out of which I sold many of its to a choice of visitors of my bloggers. Now I would like to share my views, skills, important tips and many more to my new comers in the relevant field absolutely free. If any one got problem in downloading, installing, or any other issue immediately inform me through comments, contact form or directly contact me through below mentioned links……

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